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La Casa del Belén de Puente Tocinos


Carril de La Torre
Puente Tocinos, MU 30006
Phone: 968 301 126
Murcia ES

La Casa del Belén occupies the premises of the former Casa Torre del Reloj de Puente Tocinos, a protected building, which has been rehabilitated as a museum space and interpretation center that values the belenistic tradition of the Region of Murcia, and with the purpose to bring the work of artisans closer to citizens.
The building has an exhibition room, which occupies part of the ground floor and the first floor and houses emblematic works of the traditional nativity scene in mud, a projection room and another large diaphanous exhibition room that occupies a new, visually open area to the back garden.
A permanent sample is installed on the ground floor of the building, in which a birth of each of the Belenista artisans registered in the Register of Artisans of the Region, with information from their workshop is exposed.
Opening hours from Monday to Friday from 10 to 14. Afternoons from Thursday to Saturday from 17 to 20. Sundays and Holidays from 11 to 14 hours



Monroy 19 · Bº Santa Lucía
Cartagena, MU 30202
Phone: 968 501 069
Murcia ES

Museo del Vidrio de Santa Lucía

Cartagena's glass museum, the Museo del Vidrio de Santa Lucía, has opened its doors to the public as an exhibition facility and training centre, thanks to the efforts of the Asociación Artesanal de Vidrieros de Santa Lucía.
The aim is for the museum to become a key player in the continuation of the glass-blowing tradition of Cartagena, and heads a group of 22 craftsmen who are attempting to preserve and improve the craft in the city.
The first floor of the museum is dedicated to the past, present and future of glass-blowing in Cartagena, with an exhibition which includes more than 200 items in 15 display cases (made of glass, of course). The items all come from the old Santa Lucía glass factory, and some them date as far back as 1834.

The ground floor of the building is home to the ovens, and here there will be daily demonstrations of glass-blowing.
This floor also houses a collection of the tools and machines traditionally used by glass blowers.
The Museum also offers courses for those interested in learning these skills.

The Museo del Vidrio de Santa Lucía is open to the public from Thursdays to
Saturdays, between 9.30 and 13.30.
Prize: 1 euro
Guided tours and live demonstrations: 2 euros (call for booking).

Centro de Artesanía de Lorca


Lope Gisbert s/n
Lorca, MU 30800
Phone: 968 463 912
Murcia ES

The Lorca Crafts Centre is situated between the “Palacio de Guevara” and the Church of San Mateo.
Inside, there is an open plan area used permanently for the exhibition and sale of craft items.
There is also a hall for temporary exhibitions and a space for live craft exhibitions with a loom and a potters' wheel.
Mondays to Fridays: from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm and from 5:00 pm until 8:30pm
Saturdays from 11:00 am until 1:30 pm. Sundays: Closed

Centro de Artesanía de Cartagena


Honda 10
Cartagena, MU 30201
Phone: 968 321 157
Murcia ES

The Craft Centre is located in “Calle Honda”, next to the well-known “Plaza de los tres Reyes”, and the “Glorieta de San Francisco” traffic circle. It occupies the ground floor of the building and the different rooms where the craftsmen exhibit their wares connect with one another. At the back, a room is dedicated to the temporary exhibitions and this is where the artists can display their newest creations each month.
Mondays to Fridays: from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm and from 5:00 pm until 8:30 pm. Saturdays from 11:00 am until 1:30 pm. Sundays: Closed

Centro de Artesanía de Murcia


Francisco Rabal 6
Murcia, MU 30009
Phone: 968 357 537
Murcia ES

The Murcian Craft Centre is located right in the centre of the city, next to the garden called “Jardín del Salitre”, sometimes known as “Jardín de la Pólvora”. It is managed by the General Department of Crafts and Commerce and in it you will be able to:
Get to know and to buy any article produced by the craftsmen officially listed in the Region of Murcia's Register of Craftsmen.
Enjoy activities such as temporary exhibitions, guided tours, training courses or live demonstrations.
Study the winning works of the Regional Crafts Prizes.

Mondays to Fridays: from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm and from 5:00 pm until 8:30 pm
Saturdays from 11:00 am until 1:30 pm
Sundays: Closed

Museo Sotelo Blanco


San Marcos 77
Santiago de Compostela, CA 15820
Phone: 981 582 571
A Coruna ES

Museo de Antropología · Fundación Sotelo Blanco

Inaugurado en 1995 y con la finalidad de contribuir a la recuperación de la cultura tradicional gallega e intentar recuperar para la sociedad un trozo de su historia inmediata.
Los centro de enseñanza pueden programar su visita poniendose en contacto con la Srta. Chelo Carreira.
Horario: de lunes a viernes de 9 a 14 h. Sábado y domingo cerrado. Cerrado el mes de agosto.

Fundación Terra Termarum Castrolandin


Plaza de los Arboles 14
Cuntis, PO 36670
Phone: 986 532 668
Pontevedra ES

Workshop aiming to recover Castrexa ceramic. Process of production shown. Specific demonstrations for organized groups can be arranged on demand. Castrolandín ceramic exhibition and sale. Mon. to Fri, 9:30 – 13:30 and 16:00 to 20:00. Saturdays: 10:30 – 13:30. No parking. Adapted handicapped people access.

Lace Show


Plaza de Insuela s/n
Camariñas, CA 15123
Phone: 981 737 004
A Coruna ES

Camariñas Lace Show. It coincides with Easter holidays.

Real Fábrica Tapices


Fuenterrabía 2
Madrid, MD 28014
Phone: 914 340 550
Madrid ES

Founded in 1721 by Philip V, modeled on real workshops established in France in the early seventeenth century. His intention was to create a strong national industry so that Spain did not depend on imports of French or Flemish. Thus, the Spanish monarchy becomes a developer of manufacturing of carpets longest in history.
Guided tours to workshops where artisans made ​​carpets and rugs, from 10 am to 14 pm Monday to Friday.

Puente del Arzobispo


Puente del Arzobispo, TO 45570
Toledo ES

The earthenware of El Puente del Arzobispo, historically overshadowed and confused with that of Talavera de la Reina, has had a parallel to talaverano splendor in the XVII and XVIII, subsisting as a major production center in the beginning of the XXI century.
In the Interpretation Centre of Cerámica de El Puente del Arzobispo can see and check the differences between talavereña ceramic and puenteña.

Talavera de la Reina


Talavera de la Reina, TO 45600
Toledo ES

Pottery has been traditionally one of the most important economic activities of the city. In Talavera you can visit the Museum "Cerámica Ruiz de Luna" where houses an ethnographic important chapter in the history of Talavera pottery, from its Roman origins and Arabs, to the golden age of the XV and XVI and most recent samples of the centuries XIX and XX.



Navarrete, RJ 26142
La Rioja ES

Some potteries in Navarrete offer the possibility of direct sales to the public, even in other, you can see the potter doing their job more traditional style.
In July, the council organizes the National Fair Pottery and Ceramics "Nace".

Cabañas de Polendos


Cabañas de Polendos, SG 40392
Segovia ES

In this beautiful town of Segovia exists for over 12 years a craft project called Las Caravas. Currently comprises 12 independent workshops and from different disciplines.

In Las Caravas you can find everything from graphic art prints, to textile and garments and wool, patchwork, turned wood, ceramics and pottery, jewelry and glass or glass work.

These workshops are open simultaneously the first weekend of every month, occasion that is used for demonstration or participatory activities.

Craft Market – Fair of Madrid Region


Pza de España
Madrid, MD 28008
Phone: 915 383 535
Madrid ES

From 15th December to January 5th at Madrid Plaza de España. Organized by Madrid Official Chamber of Commerce.

Salvatierra de los Barros


Salvatierra de los Barros, BJ 06175
Phone: 924 688 519
Badajoz ES

Salvatierra's personality lies in the long tradition of pottery production, true hallmark of the village, which has its roots in the Middle Ages. From this stage, the industry defines the town and becomes the backbone of their society to the present, where it lives on in more than twenty potteries in full production. This makes Salvatierra de los Barros in the Spanish town with more representation clay artisans, authentic living museum of pottery.

In Salvatierra you can visit the Museum of Pottery which aims to explain the past of pottery and its evolution.

Museum Phone: 924 688 519

Cesteros de Villoruela


Villoruela, SL 37338
Phone: 923 356 026
Salamanca ES

Villoruela has earned the right benchmark for "people of basketmakers" where the wicker has been the raw material and way of life.

In this town you can visit the "Museo del Mimbre". Tuesday to Saturday from 12 to 13 pm and Sunday from 11 to 12 hours.

Museu de la Pauma


Clavell 52
Mas de Barberans, TA 43514
Phone: 977 053 778
Tarragona ES

Centre de Desenvolupament Rural - Museu de la Pauma.

Opening times:
Weekdays 12 to 13:30 h.
Saturdays, holidays, long weekends and Easter 12 to 14 and 17 to 19 h. Sundays from 12 to 14 h.
July and August from 11:30 to 13:30 and 17:30 to 19:30 h.

Galician Craft at the Museum of the Sea of Vigo


Av. de la Atlántida 160
Vigo, PO 36208
Phone: 986 247 750
Pontevedra ES

Second Official Shop of Artesanía de Galicia. This new store over 100 m2 has a selection of pieces of Artesanía de Galicia, most of them linked to the sea.

Museo Etnológico de Navarra


Merkatondoa 13 nave 4
Estella, NV 31200
Phone: 948 553 556
Navarra ES

Ethnological Museum of Navarra "Julio Caro Baroja"

The museum is currently closed to the public. The collections and documentation center are located in a warehouse in Estella, while developing the project to open a permanent seat. These facilities can be visited at certain times of the year and access to the library is public.



Av. España · Esq. Av. de EEUU
Las Palmas de Gran Canaría, IB 35110
Phone: 928 772 445
Illes Balears ES

The Foundation for Ethnography and Development of Canarian crafts.

Third craft store located in traditional and innovative Insular Tourism Center.

Open Monday to Friday from 10 to 14 and 16 to 19,30 h.

Museo Arenys de Mar


Calle de la Iglesia 43
Arenys de Mar, BA 08350
Phone: 937 924 444
Barcelona ES

Opening times: from 1 January to 30 March and from 1 October to 31 December Tuesday to Saturday from 11 to 13 and from 16 to 18 h.
From 1 April to 30 September from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 to 13 and 18 to 20 h. Sundays and holidays all the year from 11 to 13 h.
Normal ticket: 3 euros. Reduced: 1,50 euros.

Taller Municipal de R. al Mar


Av. de la Cerámica 39
Somo, CT 39140
Phone: 942 510 448
Cantabria ES

Taller Municipal de Ribamontán al Mar.

Free visits: primarily aimed at school children, whose content is observing the operation as an exercise pottery craftsman and as new ceramic activity. The visit may not match the permanent school days, ie Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and may be canceled if it matches a time of urgent timely production.

Visits "mud tactfully" is a special visit, it is able to act on the mud or clay to model a simple object or run free, you can also build a symbolic object group. In this case, as we work "one day", (without the possibility of oven, decoration, etc.,) The session will cost 3 euros and time may not exceed 45 minutes, the session "with the touch of Barro "can not match the permanent school days.

You can study another proposal to consider the organizers requesting the visit.

Permanent exhibition of M. Joseph Viadero Aja, director of the Municipal School of Ceramics in R. Sea, modern style ceramic works or new pottery ready to be purchased, or the ability to make custom orders.

Open Monday to Saturday from 9.30 to 13.30 and from 16.30 to 20.30 h. (not open on Saturday afternoon, only open in July and August).



Domingo J. Navarro 7
Las Palmas de Gran Canaría, PM 35002
Phone: 928 369 661
Las Palmas ES

La Fundación para la Etnografía y el Desarrollo de la Artesanía Canaria.

Fedac is a non-profit institution dedicated to promoting and marketing Gran Canaria crafts and depends on the government and administration body for the island, the Cabildo de Gran Canaria.
Our shops offer an extremely wide selection of traditional and modern pieces, and apart from acquiring an item with its guarantee, paying a fair price and receiving all the information required about it, you can place personalized orders for fairs, congresses, conferences, gifts... knowing that you are helping to supoort a trade.
Craft production from the Canaries has great wealth, since some trades exist from aboriginal prehistory (pottery), others were imported by Spanish settlers (fabrics, iron-work) and others are now developing in line with current trends (jewellery, ceramics).



Avenida Gregorio del Amo 6
Madrid, MD 28040
Phone: 913 495 661
Madrid ES

Spanish Foundation for Innovation of Crafts.

State Public Foundation, created in 1981. Under the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. Its mission is to work with governments and craftsmen in favor of promoting the professionalism and success of the craft microenterprise.
Organizes National Crafts Awards, Days of Crafts, courses, conferences, issues publications, etc..



Valle de Arán 7
Valladolid, VD 47010
Phone: 983 320 501
Valladolid ES

Regional Center Craft Castilla y León.

Information, exhibitions, courses and promotion of handicrafts.

Centro Artesanía de Valencia


Hospital 7
Valencia, VC 46001
Phone: 963 513 090
Valencia ES

Craft Centre Region of Valencia.

Intended primarily to disseminate and promote the craft of Valencia, as well as promoting and strengthening the competitiveness of companies from various sectors that comprise craft through promotional policy development, information, training, analysis, assistance and coordination.

Centro Artesanal de Menorca


Metge Camps s/n
Menorca, IB 07740
Phone: 971 154 436
Illes Balears ES

Space must for visitors who wish to immerse themselves in the craft of Menorca. To this end, you can see the pieces that are part of the permanent exhibition (also arranged temporary), consult books in the library, see the garden craft, and of course, shop around for the commercial space where they can buy products made by craftsmen who have the certification brand "Menorca Crafts".

For administrative questions 971 154 436 or 971 356 868.

Museo de Cuchillería


Plaza de la Catedral s/n
Albacete, AB 02001
Phone: 967 616 600
Albacete ES

Municipal Museum of Cutlery.
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 14 and from 17.30 to 20 pm except Sunday afternoon. Holidays from 10 to 14 h.
General fee: 3 euros. Retired: 0,50 euros. Students: 1 euro. Groups (over 10 people): 2 euros.
Under 18: free. Guided tour: 6 euros (per group. Need for this service with 2 or 3 days in advance). Although there are groups that do not want to tour it is advisable to book.

Museo de Alfarería


Teulería 11
Agost, AC 03698
Phone: 965 691 199
Alicante ES

Centro Agost

Opening times: Monday through Friday from 10 to 14 h.
To arrange group visits outside these hours please check availability.

Museo Etnográfico de Grandas


Av. del Ferreiro 17
Grandas de Salime, AS 33730
Phone: 985 627 243
Asturias ES

Museo Etnográfico de Grandas de Salime.

Opening times: Winter (October 31 to March 27) from Tuesday to Friday from 11 to 14 and from 16 to 18.30. Saturdays from 11.30 to 14 and from 16 to 18.30. Sundays and holidays from 11.30 to 14.30 h. Summer (March 28 to October 30) from Tuesday to Saturday from 11.30 to 14 and from 16 to 19.30. Sundays and holidays from 11.30 to 14.30 h.


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