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Monroy 19 · Bº Santa Lucía
Cartagena, MU 30202
Phone: 968 501 069
Murcia ES

Museo del Vidrio de Santa Lucía

Cartagena's glass museum, the Museo del Vidrio de Santa Lucía, has opened its doors to the public as an exhibition facility and training centre, thanks to the efforts of the Asociación Artesanal de Vidrieros de Santa Lucía.
The aim is for the museum to become a key player in the continuation of the glass-blowing tradition of Cartagena, and heads a group of 22 craftsmen who are attempting to preserve and improve the craft in the city.
The first floor of the museum is dedicated to the past, present and future of glass-blowing in Cartagena, with an exhibition which includes more than 200 items in 15 display cases (made of glass, of course). The items all come from the old Santa Lucía glass factory, and some them date as far back as 1834.

The ground floor of the building is home to the ovens, and here there will be daily demonstrations of glass-blowing.
This floor also houses a collection of the tools and machines traditionally used by glass blowers.
The Museum also offers courses for those interested in learning these skills.

The Museo del Vidrio de Santa Lucía is open to the public from Thursdays to
Saturdays, between 9.30 and 13.30.
Prize: 1 euro
Guided tours and live demonstrations: 2 euros (call for booking).