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Domingo J. Navarro 7
Las Palmas de Gran Canaría, PM 35002
Phone: 928 369 661
Las Palmas ES

La Fundación para la Etnografía y el Desarrollo de la Artesanía Canaria.

Fedac is a non-profit institution dedicated to promoting and marketing Gran Canaria crafts and depends on the government and administration body for the island, the Cabildo de Gran Canaria.
Our shops offer an extremely wide selection of traditional and modern pieces, and apart from acquiring an item with its guarantee, paying a fair price and receiving all the information required about it, you can place personalized orders for fairs, congresses, conferences, gifts... knowing that you are helping to supoort a trade.
Craft production from the Canaries has great wealth, since some trades exist from aboriginal prehistory (pottery), others were imported by Spanish settlers (fabrics, iron-work) and others are now developing in line with current trends (jewellery, ceramics).